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Scott Muller

Foiled and Stained Glass Artist

Art is everywhere

I am Scott A. Muller of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, formerly from Philadelphia, PA and I’m a glass artist. I create original stained glass panels as well as original 3 D fused pieces. I enjoy taking inspiration from nature and architecture. I also often design projects in my dreams.

I get a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when I create. I try to express what I see in my mind.  Some of my projects stay in my head until I create them.  I enjoy the design process as well as the construction.

I get a lot of joy when I make something and it comes out the way I pictured it.

I’ve always enjoyed making and building things. Even as a kid I liked building models with Lincoln Logs, Lego-like blocks and clay.  I also liked taking things apart but wasn’t always successful in putting them back together.

Later, I started building with wood, cabinets, shelves, and tables. I got into oil and watercolor paintings.   


How it all started

My fascination with glass started in about 1978 when I found a 200-year-old stained glass window in the crawl space of an old church I was doing electrical work on. The custodian gave it to me. A few years later I took stained glass classes to learn how to fix the window. That window has hung in my home for many years now.

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